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We’ve been working with Youth and Communities around Australia since 2013.

Over the past eight years, The Rogue & Rouge Foundation and Founder Nicole Gibson, have worked with over 250,000 people across Australia. In 2013, we travelled Australia in a big yellow van seeking answers and innovative solutions to the epidemic of mental health; directly from the hearts and minds of Australian community members.

We’ve developed one-of-a-kind methodologies of transformation and conversation, and we’re inviting you and your communities to be a part of an exclusive movement that aims to be a significant influencer of positive social change across Australia.



As a community we have the power to minimise and turn-around the epidemic of mental ill-health through connection and conversation.

— The Rogue & Rouge Foundation —

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The Stats

people per day choose to kill themselves – suicide is the biggest killer in under 45’s in Australia

young Australians have low self esteem

of adult mental illness manifests between the ages of 12 and 25


  • It was such a privilege to have Nicole visit our community. She has absolutely left such an imprint on those who were lucky enough to soak up her wisdom. I cannot speak highly enough of this young woman, she has truly inspired myself, our workplace and our community.

    — Stevie Kuhn, Support FacilitatorCentacare North Queensland —
  • Nicole Gibson wants to make a change; she is determined to make a real difference. Through her personal experience she understands exactly the change she needs to make. Nicole is able to carefully dissect situations and provide me with a myriad of answers that propels me into new areas of thinking, not just about mental health but about the human condition. I always walk away with my thoughts reeling – not often an individual has this effect on me. Knowing what Nicole has been through, and the application of her unique way of thinking, makes it obvious why she has been so successful in getting to where she is today.

    — Graz Van Egmond, Executive Director, The Banksia Foundation —
  • I was so inspired listening to Nicole’s story. To realise that someone the same age as me had achieved so much made me believe that I too could reach my goals, and kick started me to be where I am today. Nicole speaks with such a high degree of passion, she makes you a part of her story, and feeds you her message. I feel so honoured to have been a part of Nicole’s audience, and often share her incredible words with others I meet.

    — Tamara Simone, RYLA 2016 —
  • Nicole was absolutely unwilling to accept the status quo. Unwilling to accept ‘that’s just the way things are’. She was going to change it. She embodies unstoppable. I felt my cynicism dissipating and my own passions fire up in the presence of her love and compassion for humanity, and her grab-your-sword warrior-hood for people having a voice and loving their lives. I’ll have what she’s having. Wow!

    — Iva, Emerging Voices Leader QLD —
  • I’m not sure how to start this but I’ll just start with saying thank you. Today was the first day where I realised that I can consciously control my thinking, and isn’t that a crazy thought? Seeing you as a living, breathing example of someone who went out and accomplished dreams that were deemed ‘unrealistic’ is truly refreshing. Your talk was so riveting I did a little dance after – I am this able bodied human with so much potential! I have limbs! And a brain! And I am aware! And I can do things with these limbs and this brain and actually accomplish things and change self-sabotaging thinking. I was so inspired and moved, as if something actually dislodged itself inside me, and that is a sacred, sacred feeling – to think I can really be the best version of myself is a little scary but motivating.

    — Lily Sinclair, Queensland Academy of Creative Industries —
  • Being in the same room as Nicole Gibson was being in the presence of a Big Bang. Not only the room, but the world seemed bigger and continued to grow bigger around her. The rawness and realness of this misleadingly petite woman was a bombshell. Shocking because it’s so rare!

    — Audience Member, International Conference for Mental Health Nurses —
  • Your talk moved people to tears. There was a shift in my thinking after your presentation. Your inspirational words woke up the entire room to how our current response to mental illness is not working. What I took home was the current system needs tweaking. Every mental health worker should have training from you to see the illness for what it is; no stigma, just love.

    — Simone Gillam, Sustainable Communities Conference, Port Lincoln South Australia —
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